The first oil transportation pipeline of Oman, Fahud to Mina Al Fahal, was built by TOCO in 1965. Since those early days, for over five decades, TOCO has built thousands of kilometres of pipelines and flowlines in Oman – over 4,000 kilometres in the last two decades alone.

Renowned as the ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for pipeline jobs of any size and complexity, TOCO delivers end-to-end services for pipeline projects starting from feasibility studies through FEED, surveys and detailed engineering, to procurement, construction, testing and commissioning.

Our experienced team of pipeline professionals meticulously plan and execute every stage of construction, starting from the survey and marking through Right of Way (ROW) preparation, trenching, stringing, bending, welding, pre-padding, lowering, testing, pigging, post-padding, windrowing and the installation of markers.

We have experience in fabricating and installing a variety of pipeline materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and GRE. We have in-house QA/QC expertise in developing weld procedures for new materials.

We also have expertise in designing and installing ancillary systems such as pig launchers, receivers, manifolds, metering stations, fibre optic cables and cathodic protection systems.

Our Pipeline capabilities

  • No.1 local pipeline company with in-house major cross-country pipeline construction capability
  • Largest fleet of in-house pipeline critical equipment – 26 Sidebooms available
  • 54 years of exclusive Oman experience with all terrains – Comprehensive lessons learned database
  • Coastal , desert and oilfield experience
  • Specialist in heavy wall thickness , high pressure & sour service applications
  • Welding Excellence – Best in class weld acceptance rate
  • Project Management Expertise – Global organisation with local know-how
  • Fully committed to Oman and ICV – Always meeting and exceeding Omanisation

Our approach

We apply a ‘Partnership’ approach when carrying out our services and pride ourselves on our ability to offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ which eliminates any interface issues.

We assist our clients to focus on their core area of business without having to spend time and resources managing the enabling services.

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