TOCO has a long heritage in rig moving and heavy cargo haulage and today offers specialist logistics, heavy cargo haulage and rig moving solutions to Oil and Gas exploration companies, contractors and service providers operating in Oman. The first rig move in Oman was performed by TOCO in 1967 at Fahud. Since then, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise in cargo and rig moves across civil and concession areas.

Equipped with an advanced fleet of trucks, cranes and material handling equipment, TOCO delivers any complex rig moving or logistics assignment safely and on time. We have retained a skilled multi-cultural workforce with several decades of experience in performing rig moving and heavy cargo haulage in desert locations.

Our logistics management hub in Muscat handles receipt of materials, inspection, packaging and delivery to site locations. Our Fahud base is home for rig moving and heavy cargo haulage operations. We have a well-equipped workshop to carry out the routine and reactive maintenance of our fleet.
We have long term contracts with Oil and Gas companies to provide fully outsourced logistic solutions.

Transportation capabilities

  • Logistics Management
  • Transportation of Goods and Materials
  • Materials Management and Consolidation
  • Warehouse Storage
  • Safe Loading and Unloading
  • Obtaining ROP permits

Heavy Haulage

  • Rig Moving
  • Camp Moving
  • Project Cargo

Our approach

We apply a ‘Partnership’ approach when carrying out our services and pride ourselves on our ability to offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ which eliminates any interface issues.

We assist our clients to focus on their core area of business without having to spend time and resources managing the enabling services.

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Maintenance & Turnarounds

Logistics & Rig Moving

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