TOCO’s Oman North and Mukhaizna project delivery teams have emerged as the top scorers among all contractors, operator and entities in OXY 2021 HSE Score Card at their respective locations.

The OXY HSE Scorecard is published on monthly basis at all locations and an annual cumulative score is established by aggregating the full year’s HSE performance. Keeping up the performance for the entire year and leading the performance indicators among all key players at all concessions has not been a small feat. The successful outcome was a result of skills, commitment, teamwork and more over a result of the deeply embedded safety culture within our teams at all locations.

We have been promoting the Stop Work Authority Champion (SWA) initiative since its formal launch a year ago. Stop Work Authority (SWA) is a program designed to provide employees and contract workers with the responsibility and obligation to stop work when a perceived unsafe condition or behavior may result in an unwanted event. Through this initiative, we have been promoting the Behaviour Based Safety culture within our workforce. Top SWA entries are evaluated by a diverse management team panel and a winner is selected for the month who will be named as the ‘Stop Work Authority Champion’ for the month. The winner receives a certificate, gift and a badge which all our winners proudly display on their coveralls, inspiring others to come forward and contribute. The SWA Champion initiative along with other ongoing initiatives have clearly contributed to this commendable achievement.

This unmatched achievement is just another testimony for our relentless commitment and pursuit in keeping our people and assets safe within our projects and operations. Congratulations to our Oman North & Mukhaizna teams!