The Oman Construction Company (TOCO) LLC is on a mission to achieve “Zero Harm” across its operations. Driven by this vision, several new initiatives were launched in the recent past including the “Stop Work Champion” competition which is aimed at encouraging its employees to stop every single occurrence of unsafe work within its operations spread across Oman. The “Stop Work Authority Champion” initiative reiterates our core value of “empowerment” to each and every employee and encourages every employee to stop unsafe work disregarding their rank or title and without fear of repercussions.

To ensure visibly felt leadership on the ground, our General Manager and the Senior Leadership Team of TOCO have been visiting various operational sites to promote the “Stop Work Authority Champion” initiative.

On 29 March 2021, a safety briefing was organised at VALE Oman Pelletizing Company Sohar where we are executing Planning & Management Services contract. Through this contract, we are delivering highly specialised services to assist VALE in managing the routine maintenance, reactive maintenance, engineering projects, material control, shutdowns and Turnarounds.

Mark Dean (TOCO General Manager) delivered a comprehensive briefing which stressed on the importance of life saving rules, why they are non-negotiable, safety as a core value & behavioural trait in TOCO, intervention & stopping unsafe work, empowerment, TOCO Stop Work Authority Champion initiative, value & cultural alignment of TOCO & VALE, mental health, seeking support & escalation.

Sreejith Kesavan (TOCO Contract Representative) highlighted the importance of every TOCO employee living by our core values and acting as our ‘Brand Ambassador’ at site promoting safe working culture and Operational Excellence.

Management representatives from VALE further elaborated the principles of “Golden Rules of Safety” and HSE expectations from everyone at site.

Safety is at the heart of everything we do at TOCO. Every TOCO employee on a leadership/management/supervision roles are required to carry out a minimum number of site safety walks (L4 HSE Audits) per month and record actions through an electronic follow up and close-out system.

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