The Oman Construction Company (TOCO) LLC has become the first Omani company to join The Global Business Collaboration for Better Workplace Mental Health Pledge.

The Global Business Collaboration for Better Workplace Mental Health is the first global business-led initiative of its kind designed to advocate for – and accelerate – positive change for mental health in the workplace.

By joining other visionary leaders around the globe, we are hoping to help to effect real change in the way that mental health is approached in workplaces everywhere.

Led by the Founding Partners – Unilever, Deloitte, HSBC, BHP, Salesforce, Clifford Chance, BP and WPP – The Global Business Collaboration for Better Workplace Mental Health’s vision is to create a world where all workplace leaders recognise, have the right tools, and commit to take tangible and evidence-based action on mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, enabling their workplace to thrive.

During the first quarter of 2020, TOCO launched the “You are not alone” mental health campaign to support our employees in context of the COVID-19 outbreak. We were one of the earliest companies to launch such a proactive campaign aimed at workplace mental health. Since then this initiative has been a key element of our HSE campaigns across all our operations.

Pledging our commitment to The Global Business Collaboration for Better Workplace Mental Health, Mark Dean (General Manager – TOCO), issued the following statement:

“Employees represent a company’s most valuable asset. They demonstrate the values that define our company and are critical to the success of our business.

Valuing an employee for more than their output is essential for their wellbeing. Mental health plays a key role in understanding the performance and behaviour our employees given the varying environments they are asked to work in.

A significant part of our workforce are expatriate employees who have chosen to leave behind their family and loved ones at their home countries to come and work in Oman. Due to the nature of our business, which is often executed in remote desert locations, many of our employees are away from their families for months or even a whole year. Apart from working in the hot desert climate, the oil & gas work environment is generally physically demanding, stressful and hazardous. Our workforce is culturally and religiously diverse and the employees often get to share their rooms with other employees from different cultural backgrounds. All these factors have always contribute to the mental and emotional status of the workforce as a whole.

Given the above, the COVID-19 pandemic has placed an additional burden on an employee’s mental health with concerns on their own health and the health of their family members back home. There cannot be a better time than now to stress about mental health.  We believe that the turbulent socio-economic environment is demanding care, counselling and close monitoring of our employees more than ever to ensure that they are physically and mentally sound whilst under our care and assist them in performing their roles to the best they can.

TOCO places the wellbeing of their employees as a top priority and we are encouraged to see leading global organisations come forward to bring this important topic to the forefront of thinking. We are proud and honoured to join hands with The Global Business Collaboration for Better Workplace Mental Health and look forward to implementing the best practices resulting from this coalition and also to positively contribute to this cause wholeheartedly”

We are delighted to be working closely with The Global Business Collaboration for Better Workplace Mental Health team in spreading awareness about workplace mental health, developing programmes and implementing best practices to improve workplace mental health.

As the first Omani company to sign up this pledge, we hope to spread the awareness and importance of workplace mental health within the Sultanate of Oman.

If you would like to know more about this initiative or would like to collaborate with us, please contact us today.