Hearty congratulations to Muzammil Hussain , who emerged as the TOCO overall Stop Work Authority Champion for the month of March 2021!

Muzammil- a Pipe Fitter and his crew members, were carrying out a hot work activity inside the Wadi Laitham Station (Oman North) . As the job was in progress, he observed oil overflowing through an 8″ vent pipe connected to a drain pit tank. Sensing the imminent danger, Muzammil raised the Stop Work alert to the crew and requested the Permit Authority to stop the work immediately.

Muzammil’s intervention was entered to the monthly SWA competition and eventually voted as the best entry among the six short listed nominations.

TOCO March 2021 SWA Champion Muzammil

As a token of appreciation from the management, Muzammil received a certificate, gift and an ‘SWA Champion’ branded coverall. Congratulations!

Stay tuned for the April 2021 SWA nominations and overall champion announcement!