Hearty congratulations to Assad Al Omairi , who emerged as the TOCO overall Stop Work Authority Champion for the month of August 2021!

Assad is a Rig Move Foreman working out of our Fahud facility. He observed a crane moving around the rig location with its outriggers extended. It represented the risk of outriggers hitting a person or an asset while the crane is in motion. The risk was further amplified by the location being congested and having several people working in close proximity.

Realizing the imminent danger, Assad stopped the operator and asked him to retract his crane’s outriggers safely before moving any further which was obliged. Further, Assad explained the operator about the dangers in operating crane with its outriggers extended. The operator acknowledged the error and confirmed his understanding of the safe work process to be followed.

Azad’s intervention may have averted a potential injury or asset damage. As a token of appreciation from the management, he received a certificate, gift and an ‘SWA Champion’ branded coverall. Congratulations!

Stay tuned for the September 2021 SWA nominations and overall champion announcement!