A good number of excellent ‘Stop Work’ entries were received as part of the ‘Stop Work Authority Champion’ initiative during the first quarter of 2022. This reinforced the active interest among our employees at all levels to intervene and stop unsafe work.

We had several valuable SWA entries from all our operational sites and all of them have prevented people from getting harmed or assets getting damaged. These learnings have gone into our HSE database and will be used to design future programmes, initiatives and improve the Behaviour Based Safety culture in general.

In January, Ankith Rajendran , Mechanical Engineer from Oman LNG (Sur) Maintenance Contract was selected as the Stop Work Authority Champion for his critical intervention to stop an unsafe activity during removal of a Relief Valve (RV). Ankith was visiting the location where the RV removal was in progress. He made a note of the high wind speed and pointed out that it was not the ideal weather to carry out any rigging operation. The job was stopped, team was briefed and activity was re-scheduled.

In February, Rajesh Rajan, Supervisor from OXY Mukhaizna project secured the Stop Work Authority Champion prize for his intervention in stopping an unsafe work at the IGF pump area. The mechanical crew was assigned to replace a pipe spool section at the IGF pump area. While the Permit Applicant and the Supervisor were performing the pre-job inspection, they identified that the isolation (LOTO) was done incorrectly for the wrong pump. Work was stopped immediately and the operator was notified. The LOTO was rectified and job resumed.

In March, Madaswamy Subilan, Rig Move Helper from Fahud was selected as the Stop Work Authority Champion for his role in stopping an unsafe transportation. Madaswamy stopped a truckload with overhanging pipe as it was unsafe for transportation. The pipe was then cut into two, safely loaded and transported. Notwithstanding the position or title, Madaswamy was able to raise his voice and do the right thing – a clear attainment of TOCO’s workforce empowerment strategy.

Congratulations to all winners and please keep up the good work!