Hearty congratulations to Mohammed Irfan , who emerged as the TOCO overall Stop Work Authority Champion for the month of May 2021!

Irfan, who works as a Sand Blaster at our Mukhaizna site noticed that the rubber hose connected to the blaster gun was bulged at one place indicating loss of integrity . Instead of resuming the work with the identified risk, Irfan approached his supervisor and requested for a replacement. The job was resumed after the hose was replaced with a new piece. The management team who carried out the SWA entries evaluation noted that the attention to detail and pre-checks on tools are extremely important before starting any work. Irfan’s behavior demonstrated strong commitment to our Stop Work Authority initiative and his ability to spot hazards in everyday work scenarios.

As a token of appreciation from the management, Irfan received a certificate, gift and an ‘SWA Champion’ branded coverall. Congratulations!

Stay tuned for the June 2021 SWA nominations and overall champion announcement!