Hearty congratulations to Bilal Amin – Crane Operator from Mukhaizna, who emerged as the TOCO overall Stop Work Authority Champion for the month of February 2021!

On 21st of February, one of our crew were getting ready to to load a generator from the contractor yard to worksite. The generator was to be loaded onto a trailer by our crane which was operated by Bilal. As the prime mover coupling with the trailer activity was in progress, Bilal spotted an air leakage from the trailer unit.  Sensing the hazard, Bilal instantly applied SWA and informed the yard Supervisor that the trailer is unsuitable for the safe operation. A replacement trailer and prime mover was organised quickly from TOCO yard and the job was resumed.

Bilal’s intervention has potentially avoided a major traffic accident. This SWA entry was selected in a closely held contest between six shortlisted entries which were in competition to win the top spot.

In recognition of this achievement, a certificate, gift and an ‘SWA Champion’ branded coverall was handed over to Bilal.

Stay tuned for the March 2021 SWA nominations and overall champion announcement!