Hearty congratulations to Ronald Pinto , who emerged as the TOCO overall Stop Work Authority Champion for the month of April 2021!

Third-party contractor personnel were offloading certain materials at the TOCO Fahud fabrication workshop using a Hiab (truck mounted compact crane). Ronald, an HD Mechanic from our Fahud team, observed that the outriggers of the Hiab were not extended while they were performing the unloading. Judging the hazard, Ronald immediately intervened and stopped the unsafe activity. The job was resumed after correcting the outrigger position.

Subsequently an HSE Stand-down was conducted to pass on the message to everyone at the location.

Ronald’s intervention was entered to the monthly SWA competition and eventually voted as the best entry among the five short listed nominations.

TOCO April 2021 SWA Champion

Pictured: James Sapsford handing over the SWA Champion certificate to Ronald Pinto.

As a token of appreciation from the management, Ronald received a certificate, gift and an ‘SWA Champion’ branded coverall. Congratulations!

Stay tuned for the May 2021 SWA nominations and overall champion announcement!