A healthy work environment

We focus on building a team environment that fosters a healthy and enjoyable work environment. Our accommodation, amenities and medical facilities are designed to ensure our employees have the infrastructure and support to maintain both a healthy body and mind.

In the Muscat area, employees can avail free medical treatment from any of the company registered health care facilities. For treatment outside of Muscat, we ensure each of our projects has a care contract set up with the local health care provider and/or, we provide a fully equipped medical facility, complete with Ambulance and company Doctor. Each project will also have a number of internationally recognised trained first aiders on site to offer first aid treatment as and when required.

Safety: an investment with high return

At TOCO, we believe that great safety is not a cost but an investment with high return across all the TOCO values and a key part of a high performance organisation. We approach each and every safety incident with a mindset that it is preventable.

Our mission includes setting expectations through performance and risk standards; monitoring the programs through state of the art assurance programs; identifying, assessing and controlling the HSE risks; and positioning HSE as a key driver for operational excellence.

Protecting the environment

We are committed to saving energy and natural resources by encouraging low consumption and a company-wide focus on recycling. In partnership with our customers, we look for new and innovative ways to deliver products and services to reduce their impact on the environment.

Read our HSE Policy

Sustainability – at the heart of our values and strategy

Sustainability is an important and integral part of TOCO’s business, helping to define who we are and how we do business. Focused on the impact we make both to society and the environment, sustainability helps us to be a better business, making a positive difference for our colleagues, customers, communities and our stakeholders. Our sustainability plan is integrated into our business plans, reflecting its central role in governing what we do and how we do it.

Read our Sustainability Policy

The Sustainability framework

There are defined outcomes, goals, targets which are clearly defined within our sustainability framework. Each project within TOCO is given targets to achieve within the program, where the performance is regularly measured and monitored. Our sustainability framework compliments to the national In-Country Value initiative.

Delivering Oman’s vision

Through our sustainability initiative, we are aiming to leave a positive impact on the communities and environment within which we operate.

TOCO believes that we can support the communities in which we operate, by preserving the environment, creating job opportunities within Oman, sharing our knowledge, up-skilling Omanis and contributing to the national economy.

Social Responsibility

At TOCO, we truly believe in giving back to the society and communities in which we operate. Every year, we organise a number of community initiatives to make a positive difference to the lives of the people around us.

Strategic areas of our Social Investment Programme (SIP)

  • Health
  • Support to specially-abled children
  • Disaster aid
  • Education
  • Employment Skills & Local Enterprise
  • Culture & Heritage – restoration of heritage assets
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Recycling
  • Environmental Protection

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