During its service to the Oman oil and gas industry for over five decades, The Oman Construction Company (TOCO) has placed itself as a symbol of ‘Operational Excellence’ in its chosen areas of business. Since 1965, the company has been a trusted partner of major national and international oil and gas asset owners and operators in the Sultanate.

TOCO is part of Oman’s oil and gas legacy with several ‘Firsts’ to its credit. The list includes construction of the first pipeline, flow line, production station, tank farm, overhead power line. In 1967, TOCO moved the first rig at Fahud.


The Oman Construction Company L.L.C (TOCO) has been associated with Occidental of Oman Inc (OXY) since very early days of oil exploration and the relationship still continues. TOCO had created history way back in 1965 by constructing the very first oil facilities for PDO after commercial discovery of oil in Oman in 1962. TOCO then went on to add another page in the oil history of Oman by assisting Occidental to build their initial exploration and production facilities at Safah field.

Occidental found oil in 1983 at Safah in western Oman, close to the border with the United Arab Emirates. On 6th January 1991, New York Times reported the Safah oil discovery as “A Big Oil Find By Occidental”.

In 1984, OXY tasked TOCO to provide desert crew and equipment to support operation & maintenance of the facilities. The scope of work included:

  • Maintenance and enforcement of safety, environmental and work permit procedures
  • Fabrication and installation works
  • Maintenance of rotating equipment
  • Construction of steel and GRE pipelines, flow lines and piping
  • Electrical and instrumentation works
  • Facility maintenance
  • Transportation works


After a short break of two years, TOCO was once again awarded Safah field contract in April 2013.

The unique combination of unparalleled local knowledge, international expertise, excellent HSE track record, unmatched quality, ability to meet tough deadlines and ability to handle complex projects has maintained TOCO among the most sought after Oil & Gas service providers in the Sultanate of Oman.

Scope of Work

  • Assistance to Occidental personnel with the operation and maintenance of the facilities
  • Maintenance and enforcement of safety, environmental and work permit procedures
  • Fabrication and installation of gas injection lines and gas lift meter runs; maintenance of cranes and wellheads; and high pressure well wash on down-hole tubing
  • Maintenance of gas injection/gas lift compressors such as Superior, Ingersoll Rand, Solar Turbine and others
  • Maintenance of Caterpillar generators with substations to 4,060 kV and construction and maintenance of various highlines
  • Fabrication, modification and installation of hot taps, hydro testing of pipe fittings, pipe runs, spools and others
  • Construction of 2 to 8 inch above ground flow lines, including setting out pipe supports, stringing, welding, cleaning by scrapper, bedroll testing and de-watering
  • Construction of wellhead and manifold connections
  • Fabrication and installation of GRE piping
  • Construction of 2 to 16 inch buried gas, crude and water lines including
    • Stringing, laying and welding pipe
    • Grading the ROW and padding the ditch
    • Cleaning prime coat and/or shrink-sleeve
    • Hydrostatic testing, dewatering and hooking up pipe
    • Installing cathodic protection system
  • Maintenance of diesel fuel cracker, propane manufacturing facilities and storage
  • Fabrication of manifolds
  • Fabrication of crude, gas, water flood and water injection lines
  • Installation and maintenance of crude separators, desalters, crude heaters and crude water storage tanker
  • Transportation works
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