At TOCO, we are committed to promote Omanisation. We work closely with the local community in identifying their skills and matching these to TOCO’s requirements. We extensively use Omani employee referrals for new employment. In recent years, we have over achieved legalised Omanisation targets by a significant margin of 10%.

Our commitment to Omanisation

TOCO is committed to the training and up-skilling of Omani nationals. We assist local employees to establish a career assessment plan and work towards achieving it. Regular performance monitoring and assessments are performed to review career paths and further development. Our development programme includes mentorship, on-the-job and external training provisions. TOCO’s achievements in ICV and Omanisation are enviable within its industry segment. In line with our vision of redefining the future for people and places, TOCO is already playing a key role in delivering the Sultanate’s vision.

We are actively involved in the recruitment and development of qualified Omani candidates in Oman. Within our existing contracts, we have successfully utilised the engineering trade, construction, supervisory, HSE, IT, HR and management skills of Omani staff.

Our recruitment programmes

TOCO conducts regular recruitment campaigns including graduate and trainee recruitment programs through participation in various career fairs and engagement with local colleges and universities in Oman.
We also conduct specific recruitment campaigns for experienced Omani individuals by regularly advertising of vacancies through local newspapers, social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, messaging tools such as e-mails and WhatsApp as well as industry and internal referrals.

We have strong relationships with key external bodies to support the Omani recruitment process, including:

Oman based recruitment agencies

A strong recruitment strategy

Over the last 5 years, we have recruited, trained and developed 1,402 Omanis, many of whom remain with us and some in more senior positions to this day.

We ensure that our recruitment strategy is fully aligned with and meets the timetable required to deliver all phases of our projects. With our experience in the Omani labour market, we are aware of the challenges in recruiting suitably trained and experienced Omanis to fulfil personnel resource requirements. As part of our commitment to Omanisation, we have, and will continue to, identify opportunities for phased succession planning, whereby local talent will be nurtured and groomed for succession into skilled and lead roles. Our customers also recognise their successes in local recruitment and talent management and they assist us as required.


Case Study

Driver to HSE Manager
The inspiring story of Abdulla Al Balushi

TOCO is at the forefront when it comes to development of Omani nationals. We have demonstrated our strong commitment in developing a skilled technical pool of Omani workforce by training hundreds of Omani nationals as welders, fitters and other technical trades.

We are focused on building career paths for Omani nationals so that they can occupy managerial roles within TOCO through training and development. Abdullah Al Balushi’s story is truly inspirational. Abdullah stared as a driver in TOCO in 2002. His desire and drive to self-development supported by TOCO, developed him to the role of HSE manager over the years. Abdulla Al Balushi completed his BSc (Hons) Health, Safety & Environmental Management in June 2021 with an excellent score from The International College of Engineering and Management (ICEM) which is affiliated to University of Central Lancashire.

Please read more about Abdulla’s inspiring journey here.

OPAL Apprenticeship Programme

We have a close relationship with OPAL with the development of the young Omani workforce through the newly developed Apprenticeship Programme.

Omani Training & Development Plan

TOCO has established schemes for sourcing, placing, training, developing and promoting Omani nationals within its workforce.

Developing the Omani workforce

Our training and development plan for Omani nationals

  1. Training need analysis
  2. Gaps identification vs role and job description
  3. Individual Training Plan (IDP)
  4. Course directory
  5. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Log
  6. Mentored Professional Development Schemes (MPDS)
  7. Professional Registration (PR)
  8. Certifications
  9. Career path (Typical ladders and individualised)
  10. Succession plan

Career Path & NVQ Levels

Having a career plan enables our employees to identify the tasks and objectives to achieve in order to progress along a successful career path. This is why we have developed career paths for Omani nationals to grow through the organisational ladder within TOCO. This development is aligned to the internationally recognised NVQ levels.