On 19th of November 2021 at 15:30, Oman LNG declared safe and successful completion of the Train 2 Turnaround (TA).

The safe, timely and successful completion of this turnaround was seen as a milestone as this being the largest TA in the history of Oman LNG. This turnaround came under extremely challenging circumstances, in the context of COVID-19. We overcame the challenges, strengthening our experience and capturing learnings for the upcoming Turnarounds.

Our management, staff and operatives put their best efforts in and despite the various obstacles, managed to complete the turnaround in 35.8 days and well ahead of the original target duration of 37 days. Oman LNG thanked TOCO team for their professionalism and commitment to complete the work safely and ahead of schedule.

One of the most critical jobs which was executed during this TA was the installation of a critical tie-in which sets way for the Sea Water Outfall Project. The 72″ ‘Y-Piece’ was successfully installed on the main sea water outfall pipeline by TOCO’s execution team at site. The successful project outcome was a result of several months of dedicated hard work by TOCO, client and third parties involved in the project.

Congratulations and well done!