During its service to the Oman oil and gas industry for over five decades, The Oman Construction Company (TOCO) has placed itself as a symbol of ‘Operational Excellence’ in its chosen areas of business. Since 1965, the company has been a ‘Trusted Partner’ of major national and international oil and gas asset owners and operators in the Sultanate. TOCO is part of Oman’s oil and gas legacy with several ‘Firsts’ to its credit. The list includes construction of the first pipeline, flow line, production station, tank farm, overhead power line. In 1967, TOCO moved the first rig at Fahud. TOCO has been associated with Occidental Petroleum since beginning of its operations in the Sultanate of Oman.

In 2005, TOCO was awarded with the long term contract for Mechanical, Flowlines and Civil services at Occidental Mukhaizna facility. The excellent safety records, outstanding quality, committed work force and exceptional performance delivered during the initial tenure of the contract did help TOCO in winning an extension of the contract until 2020.

The Oilfield Construction Services Contract consists of various off plot and on plot services including fabrication, construction of well heads, headers, steam injection lines, GRE pipelines, steel pipelines, pipe racks, structural steel platforms, equipment installation, insulation, painting and scaffolding.

At Mukhaizna, TOCO has setup numerous fabrication workshops, painting yard, insulation shop, automobile workshop, radiography compound, warehouses, offices and accommodation facilities within sprawling 3,200 square meter area.

The facility which had over 1,500 men at it’s peak is supporting Occidental Mukhaizna operations on 24×7 basis throughout the year. The project is supported by an extensive fleet of equipment including cranes, welding machines, trucks, pipe layers, graders, excavators, dozers and loaders.

TOCO has worked 13 million manhours without a Lost Time Incident (LTI) over a period of four years at Mukhaizna. TOCO’s overall operations in Oman have recently achieved completion of 25 Million manhours without LTI.

In recent years TOCO built a number of on-plot facilities at Mukhaizna including Satellite 1- Oil Gathering Station, Boiler Feed Water facility and two separate Gas Turbine Generator & Heat Recovery Steam Generator facilities (NFSS1 & NFSS2). The lion’s share of the pipelines and flow lines were built by TOCO over a period of eight years since the beginning of Oxy’s operations at Mukhaizna.

With the association of Occidental, TOCO has gained extensive experience in ‘Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)’ technique based facilities. In conjunction with Oman’s strategy of exploring the full potential of its oil and gas fields through EOR technique, it is evident that TOCO will play a key role in supporting the Sultanate’s vision for the future.

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