During its service to the Oman oil and gas industry for over five decades, The Oman Construction Company (TOCO) has placed itself as a symbol of ‘Operational Excellence’ in its chosen areas of business. Since 1965, the company has been a ‘Trusted Partner’ of major national and international oil and gas asset owners and operators in the Sultanate. TOCO is part of Oman’s oil and gas legacy with several ‘Firsts’ to its credit. The list includes construction of the first pipeline, flow line, production station, tank farm, overhead power line. In 1967, TOCO moved the first rig at Fahud.

What is Rig Moving?

The whole series of operations carried out to mobilise an oil/gas rig to the drill location or removal to another location or yard after completion of drilling.

The Challenge

To be available on demand and perform – executing safety critical rig moving and transport operations in the safest and most efficient manner without exceeding the schedule limits. The harsh and unpredictable weather in the desert area make the challenge even tougher.

The Rig Moving & Cargo Haulage division of TOCO provides a variety of high skilled and critical services to leading oil and gas operators and oil field services companies operating in Oman. The service portfolio includes rig moving, cranage, lifting, rigging, cargo haulage, transportation, equipment hire and maintenance of vehicles and rig moving machinery. The division boasts a massive fleet of trucks, cranes and advanced machinery to provide best of its kind service in Oman.

In February 2008, TOCO was awarded the Rig Moving and Cargo haulage contract by Bahwan DHL (4PL) to operate as nominated Contractor for PDO operations covering north and south of Oman.

The 300+ strong team is based at Fahud – north of Oman. The contract is valid up to Dec 2017 with the option to extend another two years.

The Solution

Since moving the first rig in Oman way back in 1967, TOCO is the contractor of choice for the operators in the region when it comes to complex rig moving tasks. TOCO has accumulated large wealth of experience in five decades of its service to Oman’s oil industry. The standard operating procedures and safety controls are well defined. Entire supervisory staff and operatives are highly skilled and many of them have been part of TOCO for almost three decades. Operations are well planned and resourced ensuring safety, reliability and timely completion thereby reducing non-productive time of drilling rigs. The vehicles and equipment are maintained extremely well at TOCO’s state-of-the-art workshop and subjected to frequent rigorous inspections.

Safety Records

TOCO’s Rig moving & Cargo team has achieved a milestone of 4 million man-hours without an LTI in December 2012. There were no fatalities or LTIs since the PDO project started in Feb 2008. The number of awards and praises accumulated by the team over the years stands as testimony for the great work being done. Ingenuity at Work: Our wealth of knowledge empowers us to think differently, act according to the situation and bring innovation to work. We believe being inquisitive, putting our clients at the heart of what we do, ask the right questions and arrive at the best

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