Our priority is to maximise Omani goods, works and services. To achieve this, our procurement team has established practices focused on sourcing Omani goods and services within our Contract and Procurement Strategy.

These practices include

  • Making use our extensive knowledge of the local market
  • Correct sizing of contract scopes to match supplier’s current capabilities, where possible
  • Ensuring that each project takes a realistic view regarding the goods and services available from Omani entities, and where not available seek to identify potential development opportunities
  • Support development of Omani suppliers and service providers

Strategies to Support Omani Suppliers

To make ICV successful and to ensure preference is given, where possible and appropriate preference is given to Omani Tenderers. The Procurement Plan will consider that the following initiatives are adopted wherever possible:

  • Pre-qualification of Omani suppliers and contractors owned by Omani nationals.
  • Evaluation of the potential Omani suppliers to confirm they are technically approved by our customers and meet quality, deliverability and reliability requirements
  • Inclusion of Omani suppliers in all tenders where possible
  • Promotion of partnering between Omani suppliers and international suppliers to enable the scope to be delivered

Joint Supplier Registration System (JSRS)

We are registered with Business Gateways’ Joint Supplier Registration System for the Oman oil and gas industry. We utilise this portal for local procurement by identifying Omani vendors and suppliers are registered with the system and the products and services offered.

If you are a local supplier or service provider who want to work with TOCO, please ensure that you register with the JSRS system and approach our Supply Chain Department.

Local Sourcing of Goods and Sub-contracted Services

We typically engage Omani entities for services, such as:

  • General, local administrative purchases and office supplies
  • HR services – utilising Government “Sanad” offices for typing and registering of all regulatory paperwork
  • Accommodation – including hotels, rented or furnished apartments
  • Vehicles – rentals from local companies
  • Fuel – purchasing fuel from local fuel stations
  • Catering, cleaning and laundry services
  • Travel agencies – utilising local travel agencies and flying Oman Air where commercially and practically possible
  • Computing and telecommunications – purchase of computing equipment from local companies who are dealers for international suppliers
  • HSE – utilising the services of local suppliers for purchase of PPE and management of other fire safety systems
  • IT – engaging local suppliers and service providers for equipment and installation. Utilise local data centres where possible
  • Engineering design
  • Cathodic protection systems
  • Steel structure fabrication
  • Pre-cast concrete sleepers and minor civil construction
  • Construction Equipment Hire
  • Hiring of trucks from Omani Truck Owners (OTO)
  • Sewage Hauling
  • Waste Disposal
  • Water Hauling
  • Drinking water supplies

Excellent Relationships

Our excellent long term relationship with third party service providers, specialist engineering consultants and suppliers enable us to meet the most challenging service and delivery deadline challenges.

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