In response to the Coronavirus (or COVID-19) pandemic which continues to spread globally.  At TOCO our number one priority is to look after the health and safety of our employees and contractor staff as well as minimizing the impact to our business, as much as possible.

In recent weeks we have introduced a wide range of measures; these include an awareness and education campaign, increased use of hand sanitizers, temperature screening, enhanced cleaning and disinfecting regimes, social distancing 2 meters apart, stopping large employee gatherings, restricting entry to office blocks,  reducing face to face meetings and stopping large meetings; stopping  non-essential international travel and more recently, stopping visits to site from Muscat and visa- versa; we have developed a defined quarantine process and we have issued a COVID-19 procedure and plan, to help ensure adequate controls are implemented.

Additionally we have been working on business continuity measures so that we are able to continue to operate with minimum disruption.

Common signs of infection

Acute respiratory infection with symptoms such as:

  • Fever (37.3C or more)
  • Cough, sore throat or
  • Breathing difficulties

What to do if you have been potentially exposed or have symptoms of potential infection:

All employees and contractors must:

  • Contact TOCO line management (by phone) and self-isolate.
  • Await further guidance from TOCO Management.
  • TOCO line managers must inform TOCO’s HSEM and TOCO’s Administration Manager.

“You are not alone” – Initiative:

We have launched an initiative to address mental health issues during COVID19.

You are not alone - TOCO COVID19 initiative

Further Information:

  • If you have any queries or concerns, please refer to TOCO COVID-19 procedure and plan, a copy of which has been published in the BMS and can be made available to you on request. If you wish to have a copy, please request access through your line manager.
  • Social distancing; always try to maintain a safe distance between you and others, its recommended to keep a distance of at least 2 meters at all times.
  • Try to ensure all “high touch” areas are disinfected regularly, doorknobs, computer keyboards, telephones, etc.
  • Try to ensure your tea / coffee cup is cleaned regularly and its probably best that you clean it yourself.
  • All large gatherings are prohibited, +25 people not allowed.
  • Where possible, avoid face to face meetings.
  • It is recommended to have no more than 6 people at a meeting and maintain social distancing of 2 meters.
  • Restrict and control office visitors; appointments only; ideally try to utilize e-mails and telephones rather than face to face.
  • All HSE training should be cancelled; if it’s business critical please ensure class sizes are restricted to no more than 6 attendees.

We cannot do all this work alone and require the full support of each and every employee; your engagement is especially important.

As part of your contractual relationship with TOCO, we expect you to act in accordance with the latest COVID-19 legal requirements and guidance and understand that failure to adhere to any instruction may lead to consequence management.  For any suspected case people should go into self-quarantine, (at home or at work) and immediately contact TOCO line management for guidance.

We appreciate your full support in this important matter and are fully committed to working with you to ensure that we do what we can to help protect each other.

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