TOCO introduced an online ‘Competency Assessment System’ in 2019 that can be used either on-plot or off-plot, meaning it is a diverse system either used in the office environment or out in the hard desert environment via laptops. This will allow the assessor to conduct assessments without removing the employee from the field and can be done anywhere as required and has fully automated results in return.

HSE Assessments are done in six different languages that includes: English, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil and Malayalam. TOCO found this system to be cost effective as it saves time, money and leaves much smaller carbon footprint. The system converts assessments in PDF which saves the company up to 160,000 pages per year. This initiative under the able leadership of John Fagan- TOCO HSE Manager, is driven by Lushane Eybers – Competency Assessment Manager and Azizullah Soomro who joined recently as the Senior Competency Coordinator.

The system allows us to have each employee gap analyzed to assist on the next step needed as training is required. Great results have been achieved so far from the system that covered all employees from an HSE, Technical and practical performance perspectives.