Hearty congratulations to TOCO Mukhaizna team who have completed six years without a single recordable HSE incident!

Announcing this fantastic news, Justin Job -HSE Lead (Mukhaizna) commented: “We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to our client ,our colleagues and the management for their wholehearted support and proactive measures”.

This milestone is indeed an outcome of TOCO’s focus on HSE leading indicators and initiatives like ‘Stop Work Authority Champion’ and ‘Behaviour Based Safety Training (BBS)’.

At TOCO, we believe that great safety is not a cost but an investment with high return across all the TOCO values and a key part of a high performance organisation.¬†Apart from being occasions of pride and accomplishment, TOCO count these milestones as stepping stones towards our ‘Goal Zero’ journey where complacency has no place.

Please keep up the good work!